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Have you ever met someone and felt like God was using them to deliver the confirmation about all of the things he’s been whispering into your spirit?

I’ve been so overwhelmed with emotion for the past few days because I connected with a woman by the name of Mahogany that I met on Facebook.

We connected because she made a post about feeling “stuck” in life and I could sooooooo relate.

Since losing Lauren I’ve had the idea about hosting and throwing an Annual Baby Shower for women who may not have the means for one, to honor and celebrate them as new and or seasoned mother’s.

You see, Lauren died a week and a half after her baby shower so I felt it fitting that this type of event would be the most appropriate considering the circumstances.

Anyway, Mahogany didn’t know anything about me or those plans and she spoke some things about and into my life and I KNEW it was nothing BUT GOD using her.

I said all of this to say that I am happy to announce my plans for creating The Lauren Taylor Foundation and I am excited about the events we will bring to the community and the platform this foundation will create.💕

2 thoughts on “Confirmation”

  1. Just recently I have come to know confirmations are keys Jehovah is giving us to life. I was looking to support a business in this Covid 19 season as part of my filling my purpose journey. As I was looking for a facemask with some fashion sense. ( Since there is no timeline on how long this pandemic will last ) I wanted something inspiring rather than depressing to wear. after searching out several companies I happened upon yours I liked the name,( since I had visited Hawaii and loved it) I said to myself I will try this one, but what is even more inspiring I find is your story, I lost my daughter Dewana in 1985 she was 3 I think about her a lot, actually was thinking about her and other family members that have gone on to be with the LORD when clicking on your blog. Finding your shop and reading your blog was confirmation for me that when I follow Jehovah’s lead he will always lead me to where its most beneficial for me. Selah
    Thank you for sharing!

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