For The Culture

Just as open as this window is, so should your wardrobe be. Never force yourself into one style. Explore. Experiment. Be Extra!

I overheard this kid from church whisper to his mom on Sunday, is it “African Day?” He asked because I was wearing a Maxi skirt (pictured below) from Aloha Glamour and ShanitaGerry ShanitaGerry had on her Palazzo Pants from Aloha Glamour as well.

I leaned in and assured him that fashion is what you make it and you can wear print and color outside of what others seem as the appropriate time… The “time” that I am referring to is Black History Month or for a “Wakanda Themed” Party.

I then questioned if we have become so numb to who we are that we are ashamed to wear colors or prints that represent our heritage year round?

Do you feel as if you are only comfortable with wearing prints during the month of February?

I must admit, I was a little skeptical of being different at first. It can be uncomfortable to have all eyes on you because of what you’re wearing, but it can also be freeing.

We are born to stand out and not just during Black History Month.

I AM black history month! I will not limit my cultural expression to one month out of the year because that’s when everyone else decides they want to embrace or flaunt their culture. I do this for the culture! I AM the culture. The results of the run-off elections in the state of Mississippi should make YOU want to represent your culture even more!

So I ask, are you ready to live your life in color or will you remain in the shadows?

Explore. Experiment. Be Extra!

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