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Facebook Memories: A celebration of friends

“Family isn’t always blood. A friend who understands your tears is much more valuable than a lot of friends who only know your smile.”

Today my Facebook memory was about those friends who were physically there with me in Hawaii after my loss. There is no amount of money I could ever inherit that could or would pay them back for the invaluable time, effort, love, or resources they used to help get me through… But I wanted to use this platform to highlight some of the things they have done by sharing with you all my Facebook memory from last year.

Let me tell you about my WCWs: Ebony, Kisha, JJ, and Shalanda. You never know if your “friends” will be there for you during hard times but in my case, they were. Let me tell you about Ebony… When I was going through my divorce, she was there for me. When I called her from the hospital telling her I had lost Lauren her and Kisha came up to the hospital and they stayed with me until I delivered her the next morning. The only reason she left was to ensure the kids ate breakfast and made it to school on time. From 5-10 November she, Kisha, JJ, and Shalanda juggled work, their kids, my kids, and a 24 hour on site hospital schedule ensuring I was never alone during my 5 day hospital stay. She went above and beyond by moving into my house for 45 days after my release, she planned Lauren’s funeral, paid for all of the upfront costs and even got her base commander to plant a tree, on the base, in Lauren’s honor. Yesterday, she sent me the placard that was placed on the rock in front of Lauren’s tree. Here it is 7 months later and she’s still taking care of things for me in my absence. I could NOT have asked for a better friend or a set of better friends. Everyone that knows me knows that I’m not that great of expressing my feelings. But today my WCW is dedicated to everyone that called me, texted me, came by to visit and pray with me, sent flowers and cooked… and more importantly to my crew: Kisha, Shalanda, and JJ. To Ebony, I appreciate your unwavering friendship, love, and support during my time of need. Every month from the 5th-10th I relive my loss but today I smile. #sippigirls #missingbabyLaurenTaylor #myangel #hawaiianprincess #stillbeautiful #friends #SCF #beautyinboots #besties
I don’t know where I would be without my friends. What about you?

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