A Mother’s Love

This picture was taken just a few weeks after I had lost my daughter Lauren. My daughter Laila, pictured above, did not understand why I laid in my bed and cried everyday after my miscarriage at 7 months. She could not grasp the amount of grief I was dealing with on a daily basis. Getting out of bed was a struggle. All she understood was that I was her mother and I still had to take care of her and her brother. She wanted me to understand that they had needs too. She wanted me to understand that THEY needed me to survive the chronic state of depression I had sunken too. I was not allowed to effectively grieve…I HAD to be resilient for the sake of my other two children. It was tough for me to force a smile when the pain of burying my baby girl was so fresh. A lot of us are walking around dead on the inside with forced smile on our faces to appease the masses. Find you someone to talk to. Find a way to effectively grieve. Don't be like me! Mental Health is a taboo subject in the black community and I want to change that. Who is with me?!

2 thoughts on “A Mother’s Love”

  1. You my lady, are an inspiration to me! The strength you display, the words you speak and the heart felt extension of LOVE you show has blessed my lil soul 😍
    I absolutely love everything you are doing with your business to keep Ms. Lauren’s memory alive. I know she is very pleased with how resilient and brave her mom is. 😇
    I chose to comment on this story because, I too want to bring awareness to mental illness through my upcoming business, as well.
    You know my mom passed in April and she as well as myself have both struggled and is struggling with mental illness.
    Since trying to recover from the loss of my mom, I found myself suicidal at times and realized that people genuinely did not know how to “be there for me or help me” because mental illness is frowned upon.
    You are awesome and keep doing great things.
    Rant over…lol


    1. Aww. Thank you love. Yes, mental illness needs to be talked about more often. I’m so glad that we both made it through and are waking up everyday with the will power to make it through out the day. 😍


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